Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Socks gets cosmetic surgery, thanks to friends

The Sonoma County CHANGE Program provides all necessary health services to horses in the custody of the Sonoma County Animal Care and Control Department. Such procedures include dental work, vaccinations, deworming, hoof care, diet programs, wound management, etc. CHANGE takes careful measures to make sure that the hard earned dollars that generous patrons donate to the program only go towards paying for necessary procedures to make the horse healthy.
Cosmetic procedures, such as removing a skin tag off of "Socks'" nose, is not considered by CHANGE to be a medically necessary procedure. The skin tag was purely cosmetic, and did not threaten the health of the horse at all.
However, a group of concerned foster moms wanted to treat Socks to a day at the plastic surgeon. They pooled together some money and paid for her to have the skin blemish surgically removed today. She was a perfect lady for the procedure, and it only took about 15 minutes! Now she is an even more gorgeous gal, and the sutures will come out in 14 days to reveal her extreme makeover!

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