Saturday, February 27, 2010

Balou and Socks Frolicking

The heavy rains have passed (at least for the time being) and Balou and Socks are taking advantage of the green grass and good weather! Luckily, they recently got their teeth powerfloated by the CHANGE Program veterinarian, and now they get to graze pain free!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Forever Home for Ci Ci

Ci Ci, who was profiled in our last blog entry, was rescued by Animal Control in 2009 from a pasture where she was thin and neglected. We knew this kind, patient and well trained mare would make a wonderful riding partner for someone. Ci Ci was adopted in November and now makes her home in the East Bay with her new 'mom,' Suzie, who is returning to riding after an extended break.

Here is an account of their first trail ride at home:

I took CiCi out on our first outing, and I am over the moon for this little mare!!! I was apprehensive and nervous having not been riding for some time and not knowing how she would be, but soon all fears were forgotten. CiCi just moved on out like she couldn't wait to hit the trail, not even wanting to wait for the other horses, she seemed to like being out in front, ears always pricked forward and curious about everything she saw.

At first I was a little surprised at her energy level, she acted like she really wanted to go, not just a slow and laid back walk, and I was thinking, oh boy, she's going to be more horse than I had wanted. But after awhile, she calmed down and was just perfect. However she still was always out in front, she really moves out, even while walking. Being a holiday, we encountered many, many people on the trail, loud kids, dogs, strollers, bikes, and she just took it all in. If she was a little surprised at something, she just pricked her ears a little more and took a closer look and moved on, nothing fazed her!!

We came to the creek, which is pretty full, and my friend Judy said to me, "you want to try to cross her over?" and I was thinking no, maybe not on this first ride. But before we could finish the thought, she was in the water and splashing through with no problem, we crossed several streams along the way, and I think she actually loved it.

Judy, looked at me at one point and said, wow, you really got yourself a great little horse! We rode for a couple of hours, just walking, and she never seemed to tire, always in front and with a spring to her walk. Are you guys sure she is 20 years old!! Anyway by the time we were heading back I was feeling like I had been riding her for years, she gave me back the confidence I needed, and I feel she will always take care of me. What a great way to feel, my first time out.

Oh and another thing, she practically ran into the trailer, going and coming back. After having horses that were a nightmare to trailer, that is so appreciated. CiCi is a dream come true!!! I can't thank you enough for saving this great little horse, and for all the care you gave her.


Thank you, Suzie, for giving Ci Ci the wonderful home she deserved!

(PS: Ci Ci's daughter, Crystal, is available for adoption and is as well trained as her mother!)